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Premium Screen Specialist

We offer clients a totally turn-key solution to any brief that requires the hire or purchase of screens where quality, clarity and service are paramount. As a specialist boutique screen business, Rectangle has been created to help solve any and every creative challenge involving screens of all sizes, types and shapes. What makes us different is not just the quality of screens we can supply but our proven ability to proactively help clients build long term value from them.

Hire Rectangle Hire Quality

We hire Rectangles, shapes, curves, spheres and almost any screen you can imagine, even if that means on occasion inventing it for clients around a specific brief. We guarantee the best quality screens available in the market place without the big company price tag and most importantly a screen that suits your exact requirements delivering the best visual experience possible. We pride ourselves on quality so if you are not happy we don't charge ever! It's that simple.

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A Trusted Screen Manufacturer

Our team have bought and delivered hundreds of screens all over the world for the last three decades. Our dedicated Asian sourcing team can find and purchase any screen you can imagine using trusted manufacturers proven to deliver quality again and again. If you want to buy the best screen your money can get, we will find it, deliver it, install it and if required manage it too for you. Say hello if you want to find out more or give us a brief.


Why does a screen have to be Rectangle?

Rectangle may have a typical name but our approach to screens is anything but ordinary. With the rapid advancement of screen technology the opportunity to innovate with screens is limitless, Rectangle is dedicated towards offering cutting edge innovation in digital signage to clients who want to capitalise on the vast potential being created. To achieve this we have built world class team actively pushing the boundaries of what screens can do and how they can be used with the latest in technological and hardware innovation. Click here to find out more about screen innovation.

Without amazing content an amazing screen is just ordinary

In our commitment to maximising the value of a screen in any environment we have created a team of content design experts specifically focused on helping clients deliver stunning content for any screen you need. We can design, storyboard or create any content you require with designers who specialise in screen content.


We have consulted on hundreds of major construction projects helping identify ways screens can be used in ways that add tremendous value to their environment. Our clients include agencies, architects, developers, retailers and private individuals. If you would like advice, design, screen conceptualisation we have a dedicated screen architecture and consultancy team that work all over the world.


Control Experience Amaze

At Rectangle we believe that screens should not just be a one way communication channel. When you can now control a video game by moving you arm why can't screens become interactive, controlled by the viewers that see them. Some of the worlds biggest brands are using our interactive technology to create extraordinary screen experiences where the consumers can interact with what they see.